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We are a network of principled, change-driven servant leaders pioneering Africa’s development and transformation. Our mission is to raise leaders, reorient mindset, inspire change and develop a culture of selflessness and integrity among young Africans.

TGLC uses the IRES (Invite, Reorient, Equip and Send Out) approach to raise the next generation African leaders. Aspiring leaders are taking through one-year intensive leadership development training (LDT) and two years sector mentorship (SMP) and direct coaching, and a lifetime leadership experience programme (LEP) where they focus on putting into practice what they have learnt and being accountable to our organization. 

Our training programmes are integrated with theories, case studies, real-life evidences, practical hands-on experiences and personal reflection tailored to help individuals aspiring to be in leadership, or interested in leadership, or in leadership to upskill and improve their capacity to identify and address societal issues or needs, to be innovative and think possibility, and to develop the right character and discipline required to serve well and to be the change Africa needs.

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Our Skill Sharing Programme is designed to provide the platform for aspiring leaders to acquire necessary skills important to their sector or field of work. Aspiring leaders are encouraged to also share their skills to underprivileged people in the society through this skill sharing programme.

Apply to share your skills with aspiring leaders.

Sector Mentorship is our way of connecting aspiring leaders to experienced and knowledgeable people across the world to help young people achieve their dreams and become principled change-driven servant leaders across all sectors in Africa.

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The organization provides aspiring leaders with a shared workspace, a leadership library, an executive office for private meetings, a board room, a conference hall, a lounge/waiting area, a reception, a TV production studio, a photo studio, fast internet and printing service in order to support them start/build their vision until they can afford their own working space.

Our highly-skilled media and branding team are ready to assist aspiring leaders with all branding and internet/social media advertising and marketing which are necessary tools for global success in today’s world.

We are building an online shop to help start-ups and aspiring leaders to sell their goods and services to the global market.

Also, we have an online TV channel to host shows, TV programmes, interviews and broadcast activities of our aspiring leaders to a global audience.

The organization supports aspiring leaders in every way necessary to start their vision and to grow.

Support us to make a lasting impact that matters.

About TGLC Partnership Village

Raising the next generation leaders is everyone’s responsibility. The youth are Africa’s future and raising them can not be done by one person or one institution.

The Partnership Village is a community of selfless, devoted and passionate people who are ready to commit their skills, knowledge, expertise and substance (cash or kind) towards the development of the next generation leaders in Africa across all sectors.

To help Africa, we must help its youths. Our partnership village provides the opportunity for training, mentorship, skill and knowledge sharing, and supporting aspiring leaders in Africa to lead the change they so desire through leadership, entrepreneurship and community development.

TGLC-UBC Sauder Lift; fuelling entrepreneurship in Ghana

By The Gracedlife Leadership Centre and UBC Sauder School of Business

Hosted at The GracedLife Leadership Centre (TGLC), the goal of UBC Sauder LIFT is to fuel entrepreneurship, as participants create or improve their own ventures even as TGLC seeks to raise change-driven (business) leaders to pioneer Africa's development and transformation. The curriculum is foundational in nature and entrepreneurial in spirit. Using the Business Model Canvas as a template, UBC Sauder LIFT focuses on three pillars: financial management, marketing, and strategy.

Our mission is to raise leaders, reorient mindset, inspire change and develop a culture of selflessness and integrity among young Africans.



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We are a network of change-driven servant leaders pioneering Africa’s development and transformation.

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