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The World Bank in its 2016 report on jobs in Ghana revealed that about 48 percent of the youth in the country, who are between 15-24 years, do not have jobs. The Ghana Living Standards Survey for the year 2012/2013 estimates that 250,000 young men and women enter the Ghanaian labour market every year with only 2% absorbed in the formal sector whilst the 98% seek employment in the informal sector or remain unemployed.

We believe that the new generation of business leaders will determine the future – social and economic development of Ghana and Africa. Our goal is to provide the necessary training, mentoring and coaching and support to young people who want to start up their business as well as to owners of small and medium-sized enterprises. We seek to encourage a mindset of “I will employ” instead of “I’m unemployed” among them.

We are convinced that youth entrepreneurship can establish a perfect way of not losing the creativity, competence and skills of the youth, and drastically reduce unemployment in Africa by creating valuable opportunities for young people to work. By presenting to the youth this appealing perspective and opportunity of becoming a business leader, and offering them the support and thorough training on how to do it, we can contribute to enabling young people to dream, to realise their potential and to achieve whatever business idea they have.

With training and mentorship from experienced business leaders and knowledgeable business fellows, we seek to empower aspiring business leaders with the knowledge, entrepreneurship skills, and character to be innovative, build value, establish enterprises, create employment opportunities, and capture global markets through the spirit of optimism, creativity and resourcefulness, problem-solving, integrity, teamwork and partnership, and hard work.

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