Charity Leader, Afia, in a picture with members of Dome community after a COVID 19 relief items donation to the town

Help us raise Africa's next generation Charity leaders

We are committed to raising leaders who will see their lives as channels of God’s love and blessings, provision and care to all persons in need – channels of change and impact to build up poor families and communities, street children, orphans, brilliant but needy students, the abused, the neglected, the disabled, the oppressed, the hungry, the naked, the sick and the mentally ill to experience life in all its fullness.

Our goal is to create a future where possibilities and opportunities are equal for all persons regardless of their background or social status, and to inspire big dreams, support aspirations and encourage achievements among young people.

We seek to raise leaders who will create a future where water, electricity, good road network, food, clothing and education is common and available to all people irrespective of their geographical location, and be the smile of all who are in need whether orphans, widows, homeless, mentally ill, or disabled.

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We are a network of change-driven servant leaders pioneering Africa’s development and transformation.

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