Faith Leader, Phinehas, having a discussion with his Guest on Faith and Reason at the Leadership Centre

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About 84% of the world’s population identify with a faith/religious group. About 94.8% of Ghana’s population identify with a faith/religious group – with approximately 71.2% being Christians, 17.6% Muslim, 5.2% traditional, 0.8% others, according to the 2010 census.

It’s clear that faith leaders are the heart and soul of our communities and acting as fathers/mothers, role models, mentors, and leaders, and providing support and guidance to their congregations or members. This is why we want to pay attention to them and be part of how they are raised and how they lead.

Our focus as an organisation is to raise and empower aspiring faith leaders with the confidence and knowledge to meet the spiritual and changing social needs and challenges of their communities and their congregations.

We aim at developing well-qualified, informed and confident aspiring faith leaders with the highest moral character to be able to better support their communities by preaching their faith, giving hope, shaping mindsets and morals, identify and addressing social issues like domestic and sexual abuse, mental health issues, drug abuse, poverty, etc. and challenge harmful social norms.

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